About Me

Hello survivors, I’m Anina, a freelance B2B technical and content writer specializing in content for cybersecurity and SaaS companies. I’m the lead hero behind Post Apocalyptic Scribbles, where we aim to create content powerful enough to survive the apocalypse and take your clients with it.

Why Post Apocalyptic Scribbles?

I wanted to create something that would help you navigate the cybersecurity, tech, and SaaS company industry and find your ideal client. Something that would help you reach above competitors, grab attention, and survive times and changes in the industry with minimal damage.

Even when the asteroid hits your business or the tech or cybersecurity industry as a whole, your technical and content writing should be the strength that keeps your business afloat. I want your marketing ‘scribbles’ to be the strength that brings in clients, no matter what challenge is coming. In a post-apocalyptic world, people hold on to what matters the most, even if it is old scribbles, your content should embody that.

About Anina

I’m an astronomy and physics nerd. I like cats, music, rain, and crossword puzzles. I like writing and working with people in tech industries.

I’ve been a technical and content writer for four years and have specialized in working with cybersecurity and SaaS companies for two years. Some of my excellent clients include Logit.io and WorkSpace Digital, and I have published cybersecurity and SaaS company content pieces on online publications such as AllTopStartups, Technected, and The Edge Search.

My passion is helping cybersecurity, tech, and SaaS companies communicate clearly to their clients. I believe that technology exists to make lives easier but many people are intimidated by technical topics and don’t understand how, for example, software and automation can boost their business, or how privacy, security, and online anonymity can protect their clients and business.

I want to break that barrier and help clients understand the importance of having superior cybersecurity, tech support, and SaaS software, by writing accessible and engaging content that translates their benefits for the people that need it.

Check out my rates and services for technical and content writing packages or my extensive writing portfolio for some samples of my writing. See you on the other side, survivors!