About Me


Hello survivors, I’m Anina, a freelance free-roaming technical and content writer specializing in cybersecurity and SaaS. I’m the voice behind Post-Apocalyptic Scribbles, where I create content powerful enough to survive the apocalypse

Why Post Apocalyptic Scribbles?

New technologies and innovations shake up entire industries every day; little apocalyptic events are happening all around us. I put together Post-Apocalyptic Scribbles to help companies navigate the future of tech and SaaS with durable and evergreen content

Words to help you reach above the competitive noise, grab attention, and survive cataclysmic industry changes with minimal damages During hard times, having a wealth of content will keep your business afloat while others drown

About Anina

Don’t let my dystopian aesthetics cloud your judgment. At heart, I’m a huge physics nerd, a staunch appreciator of felines, an enjoyer of the great outdoors, and an avid jigsaw puzzler! But above all, I enjoy breaking down complex and technical topics into manageable chunks for all to benefit

With a background in tech support—literally helping people manage devices and applications—I’ve been a content writer for the better part of five years now; focusing on security and cloud computing. Some of my clients include Logit.io and WorkSpace Digital, and I have contributed numerous pieces to prominent online publications such as AllTopStartups, Datamation, and Make Use Of

When I work with a client, my goal is to address communication difficulties of technical topics. I put my background in tech to good use by writing accessible and engaging content that translates its benefits for the people who need it

I believe technology exists to make lives easier, and I seek to make that a reality for more and more people, one article at a time