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Powerful content that survives the apocalypse

Powerful content that survives the apocalypse

Mighty content writing solutions for the momentous business

I’m Anina, the cybersecurity and SaaS company content and technical writer that you’ve been waiting for. I create powerful content that survives the apocalypse. That’s right, the apocalypse.

My content is bullet-proof, bomb-proof, competitor proof to help you break through to that ideal client. I’m sure we’re all hoping the apocalypse doesn’t happen anytime soon, but still, you want content writing that appeals to your client at any time, right?

Why are technical and content writing important? Compelling, information-packed, strategically-written marketing content can entice your audience to seek you out and ultimately buy your services. Yes, BUY your products and services.

A well-written blog post can make a client six times more likely to buy from you, drive 50% more traffic to your website, and rank your website 434% higher in search engines*

I devise tailored technical content and marketing strategies for cybersecurity, tech, and SaaS companies, that exceed expectations, creates trust, and reach your target market. From SEO research, meta descriptions, and detailed topic research to specialist blog content, social media posts, and carefully crafted headlines, I create content that’s powerful enough to survive the apocalypse and take your clients with it.

Visit my portfolio for examples of my bullet-proof content, such as this blog post on understanding your options for enterprise cybersecurity*, or this article on how much a cyber attack can cost your business*.

For content writing quotes, check out my rates and services for my apocalyptic content options, from the Mad Max to the Asteroid Impact package. If you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, take a look at my Mass-Extinction marketing package for a bespoke content quote, or drop me a line to talk about your project.

*Don’t believe me? Check out these stats from a trusted marketing source, Hubspot.

*Ghostwritten with permission to use

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